Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tutorial: Ribbon Headband x2

So, I sat down today to write two tutorials for another type of headband, the ribbon headband. Basically, these are just headbands made using ribbon instead of fabric. There are two ways that I can think of to make these, and I was planning on showing you both methods since I'm sure most people will like using one of them over the other (God's diversity is truely amazing) and because one of them calls for twice as much ribbon as the other. However, Fluffyland beat me to one of them. Which I'm actually glad about because well, tutorials take time, and time is short today. Her tutorial can be found at http://fluffyland.com/blog/index.php/ribbon-headband-tutorial/comment-page-1/#comment-150311 , and it is a great tutorial! The headbands that are made this way will look more professional than the ones made with my tutorial, but they also require more time and ribbon. If I'm making one as a gift, I make it the same way that Fluffyland did, but if I'm making one just for me, I tend to do it the less finished yet quicker and cheaper way. Just something to keep in mind.

Disclaimer: I can actually sew straight lines. However, my machine is having major issues so the stitches in these pictures are far from perfect. Please excuse the stitches. I considered not posting this at all because they are so atrocious, but I figured better something than nothing.


Ribbon: 19" long (You can use whatever width you want to, mine was 1.5")
Elastic: 6" (or one hair elastic. Look at this post for details)

Step 1: Attaching Elastic

Place the elastic on top of the ribbon so that it is positioned in the center of your ribbon with the raw edge of the elastic lining up with the raw edge of the ribbon. Now stitch over this to hold the elastic in place. You'll want to stitch over the elastic several times to make sure that it doesn't pull out. Do this with both sides.

Step 2: Folding

Now you are going to fold the ribbon over to hide the raw edges of both the ribbon and elastic. The pictures below will show you how to do this much better than I can explain it, but here goes nothing... In your left hand, hold the ribbon and elastic so that the ribbon is facing you, and the elastic is on top. As in the picture below:

Now, release the ribbon, but keep hanging on to the elastic. With your right hand fold the ribbon so that the elastic is still on top, and the wrong sides of the ribbon are together. At this point, the ribbon should be pointing down, and the elastic should still be pointing up. Oh, just look at the picture below. I'm sure that was clear as mud! Why do I even try?

Now, you are going to fold the ribbon one last time. To do this, fold the ribbon toward you so that the elastic is now facing down. Once again, picture:

Pin this in place, and repeat this clear as mud process with the other side. This is much easier to teach in person. I promise it's not hard. In fact, you're almost finished.

Step 3: Stitching it All Up

Stitch across the two sides that you have just folded and pinned down. Since this part will mainly be under your hair, it's not overly important that you use matching thread. I was too lazy to rethread my machine so black it is!

Step 4: Enjoy!