Monday, April 26, 2010

Lifesize Board Games

So, I'm teaching a group of kindergartners on Sunday mornings at church right now, and I needed a new idea for group time. I'm sure that this is not an original idea or anything, but my kids loved it sooo very much that I thought that it was worthy of mentioning. We played a life sized board game with review questions. This would be a great activity for birthday parties, Sunday school classes, and even school teachers.

All you have to do is laminate either card stock or construction paper. Then, lay them out so that they resemble a game such as candy land. So that there was no confusion, I did print start on one piece of paper and you win on another, but depending on what you're using this for and what age your using it for, you wouldn't really even have to do that. In my version of the game, there was a boys team and a girls team that alternated turns. When it was a team's turn, they would first have to answer a review question. If they answered the question correctly, they got to role the dice to see how many spaces they would get to move. You can use generic dice or you can get the large foam dice that some companies such as Oriental Trading carry. At the beginning of the game, each team chose one person to be the "playing piece" for their team. Be careful when allowing children to walk directly on the laminated pieces though. Laminating can be quite slippery especially when placed on flooring such as carpet. Another option is to hang the board game around the room using cutouts for the playing pieces. Either way, my group of kids seem to love it! I just wish that I had, had a camera with me for pictures.