Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hair Accessories

Well, it's Saturday, and I'm being rather lazy today. I have a list of school work a mile long, but I'm just not feeling motivated. For some reason though, hair accessories are motivating me. Over the past week, I've been making tons of headbands, barrettes, bobby pins, bows, ect. I have no idea what has gotten into me especially since I won't even wear most of what I'm making! It's really rather sad. However, if you need a way to use up scraps of fabric, those last few beads, that lonely button, or that ribbon that just won't match anything, hair accessories are the way to go. I may have to get some tutorials going on these before long. They would actually make cute and cheap Christmas presents, and with the economy the way it is this year, who doesn't like cute and cheap!